Building Automation Systems

The performance of any building can be evaluated through two main aspects: occupant comfort and energy efficiency. The building automation system (BAS) is the single most important component that affects both occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Our engineers have designed, revised, implemented and programmed building automation systems on almost every platform available. We have provided continuous monitoring of several systems and have several engineers that can provide point-of-use programming. Our experience with these systems allows us to develop cost-effective solutions for our clients whether they want to retrofit an existing system or install a brand new
DDC system.

Utility Analysis

Supply side utility audits have become a key tool for any facility in analyzing their energy cost burden and planning for the future. We believe a proper supply side audit should have a full 8760 cost simulation for all of the utilities serving our client. From there we can break down each cost component for the various utilities, analyze rate tariffs to determine the most suitable rate for our clients and provide recommendations to reduce utility expenses.  Understanding the utility cost structure is essential for any energy retrofit projects and we pride ourselves in being able to identify the cost of every single BTU of energy consumed.

Automatic Fault Detection

One of the fastest emerging parts of the HVAC industry, our engineers are on the leading edge of Automatic Fault Detection (AFD). We have worked with corporate, healthcare and industry clients to design an AFD program that empowers clients to monitor and continuously improve system performance. We believe that AFD programs should be a tool that is used daily by the end user and requires minimal input from our engineers. With years of experience in designing and installing meters, building automation systems and MEP systems, we understand what a proper AFD program should entail.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

8760 Engineering offers a state-of-the-art metering service which records, analyzes, and summarizes energy consumption. The system requires very minimal resources on the client’s end and is connected over the internet to our servers for quick and accurate analysis. Weekly reports contain sections for each zone (floors, buildings, campuses, etc.) with the following information:

  • Usage per day for the current period
  • Cost per day for the current period
  • Percent difference from the previous period
  • Comparison to the previous year’s respective period
  • Weekday range comparison
  • Weekend range comparison