Energy Study

8760 Engineering is in the forefront of helping clients reduce energy consumption, and one of the first features we look towards in successfully reducing energy usage is developing an understanding of the entire facility and the systems serving it. Energy studies are a multi-step, tedious process, but are well worth the time and investment to audit energy usage and to find methods to decrease it. We approach energy studies with a team that is known for their outstanding skills and extensive experience designing and maintaining facilities. Every energy study we produce includes on-site data collection, a custom built 8760 hour energy simulation, multiple energy conservation measures with detailed cost estimates and finally parametric analysis of each conservation measure to ensure the client pursues the most efficient financial investment.

Design Engineering

Our firm is skilled in the design and commissioning of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems for new buildings and for the retrofit of existing facilities. The engineers of 8760 have been serving our clients with these services for many years and are always striving to meet the highest of expectations. Our passion in design engineering has always been to find the optimal solution for our clients; not just good solutions but the elegant solutions that perfectly meet our clients needs. We believe that energy conservation should permeate every aspect of our mechanical and electrical system designs. We do this for the benefit of our clients today and for the benefit of future generations who will be sustained by the energy saved through these efforts.