UMSL – North Campus Energy Study

St. Louis, Missouri

  • Year Completed: 

During spring of 2012, 8760 Engineering was hired by the University of Missouri – St. Louis to perform an Energy Master Plan for the North Campus.  This campus included 19 buildings with a combined gross area of 2.3M square feet.  The purpose of the study was to identify strategies the campus should embrace to reduce energy consumption on site.  This multi-step process included the following components:

  1. Evaluate the campus mechanical and electrical infrastructure.  Evaluate the building automation system and energy metering systems.
  2. Prepare an energy model of the campus.  Calibrate the model using the energy metering systems that are currently in place.
  3. Evaluate the economic feasibility of implementing common energy conservation measures on campus.
  4. Evaluate the central heating and cooling systems on campus.  Analyze options for energy conservation and long term planning.

Following this evaluation, recommendations were developed to guide the campus for the future.

Recommendations included:

  1. Focus on renewal of aging building infrastructure.  Invest in replacement of equipment and systems that do not meet the standard of care and are not worth further investment.
  2. Take advantage of planned campus expansions to build in needed infrastructure improvements.
  3. Perform Retro-Commissioning on newer buildings that have DDC Controls.
  4. Perform Energy Studies on buildings that have infrastructure which has not exceeded its useful life.
  5. Convert the campus to modern DDC controls.
  6. Implement real time metering throughout campus.

Rather than spending money on equipment and buildings that had exceeded their useful life, this study provided UMSL with the ammunition to begin the process of addressing deferred maintenance while leveraging the opportunities afforded by a period in which three buildings are being added to the North Campus.