Southeast Missouri State University Boiler Plant Replacement

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

  • Project Number: 
  • Year Completed: 
  • Project Team: 
    • Jerry Williams, Principal and Project Manager
    • Eric Utterson, Principal
    • Erich Blaufuss, Principal
  • Central Steam Boiler Plant and Related Chiller Infrastructure Study
  • Implementation of Conversion of Boiler Plant from Coal to Natural Gas Firing
  • Replacement of Campus Absorption Chiller

In 2010, 8760 Engineering was asked to study the central steam plant and to develop a master plan for serving the steam and cooling needs of the campus in the most economical and energy conservative means possible.  The master plan, completed in late 2010, recommended a sweeping change to the boiler plant and the plant operating philosophy.

8760 Engineering is currently designing the retirement of the existing coal fired boilers and the installation of four new natural gas boilers.