MS&T – Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building

Rolla, Missouri

  • Year Completed: 
  • Project Team: 
    • Eric Utterson, Principal and Project Manager
    • Jerry Williams, Project Engineer
    • John Moran, Project Engineer

This project was undertaken to evaluate options for renovating the central heating and cooling systems for the University Of Missouri Science & Technology Student Wellness Center.  The Wellness Center is a combination of the Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building and Recreation Center Building, with a combined gross square feet of 137,449.

8760 Engineering was hired to evaluate several options for renovating the mechanical systems of the two buildings, developing cost estimates and scope of work documents, perform life cycle cost analysis on all options and ultimately make a final recommendation to the University.  The following options were developed and analyzed by 8760 Engineering as viable replacements for the current system:

Install condensing hot water boilers with options for a retrofitted chilled water plant including heat pump chillers.

Install a geothermal heating and cooling loop with options for a cooling tower, airside economizer air handling units, and condensing hot water boilers.

To analyze the various options, 8760 performed a complete review of the existing heating and cooling system, the Universities current utility rate tariff structure, and the existing Wellness Center building load conditions.  Full 8760 hour energy load profiles were developed using our in-house loads program to estimate the current and future heating and cooling requirements of the facility.

8760 Engineering then developed several models of the potential options for the heating and cooling of the facility.  The output of these models determined the potential energy cost, based on the current rate structure, of each proposed system.  Agreed upon estimates of maintenance and useful life for each system were developed and combined with the energy cost for each system to determine the 15 year life cycle cost.

Due to the presence of several simultaneous heating and cooling loads (such as the swimming pool and reheat for humidity control), 8760 ultimately recommended the installation of condensing hot water boilers with a central, water-cooled, chilled water plant with an additional heat pump chiller.  Total estimated construction cost was $10,380,000, the estimated annual energy cost was $412,000 and the simple 15 year life cycle cost was $16,650,000.