Monsanto Utilities Weather Normalization

St. Louis, Missouri

  • Year Completed: 
  • Project Team: 
    • Eric Utterson
    • Michael Mosbacher

In 2012, Monsanto challenged 8760 Engineering with the task of developing software allowing them to track their current energy consumption and analyze their utilities in comparison to a base year for both of their major campuses in the St. Louis area.

8760 delivered a product that analyzes utility billing data and known weather data for billing periods to predict what the energy consumption per gross square foot in a given period should be based on a base (standard) year. The product incorporated interactive graphs allowing the user to analyze energy consumption or energy cost trends for a given period at each individual campus as well as for both campuses as a whole. This analyses allows the client the ability to see how they are trending towards corporate energy usage goals and pinpoint increases in energy consumption to specific time periods.