JBU – Engineering and Construction Management Building

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

  • Year Completed: 
  • Project Team: 
    • Eric Utterson, Principal and Project Manager
    • Don Eschelbach, Project Engineer

John Brown University embarked on this program to replace their 25,000 sf engineering and construction management building with a new 40,000 sf state of the art education and laboratory building.

Constructed to a LEED Certified rating, the building incorporates energy recovery for highbay laboratory space and welding shop, a high efficiency heating water system and building wide lighting control system.  In addition to designing for energy efficiency, the building was designed to be maintained.  Mechanical and electrical equipment was located to enable straightforward maintenance for successful long term operation.

The HVAC system for the building includes a rooftop variable air volume system.  A condensing hot water boiler provides heating water for building heating needs.  A separate makeup air system (with energy recovery) is used to heat the highbay laboratory areas of the building.  A high air volume ventilation air system is also included to provide passive cooling during summer months.

Design challenges for the project included:

  1. Achieving LEED energy efficiency while maintaining a budget that allowed very few frills
  2. Design for specialized spaces including an internal combustion laboratory, a high bay laboratory, a paint shop and renewable energy laboratory