BJC – WUMC Strategic Campus Plan for Utility Services

St. Louis, Missouri

Health Care
  • Year Completed: 
  • Project Team: 
    • Eric Utterson, Principal and Project Manager
    • Jerry Williams, Principal and Project Manager
    • Ryan Corrigan, Project Engineer

In 2012, the Washington University Medical Campus began a campus expansion plan that would transform a 25 city block medical community consisting of Barnes Jewish Hospital, the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the CORTEX District.

A collaboration of engineers including 8760 Engineering and Bard, Rao + Athanas of Boston, MA, were retained to develop a comprehensive strategic campus plan for all major utilities on the campus.  The main goal of the strategic plan was to integrate the major utility services for each of the respective institutions and help lower the overall energy consumption of the entire campus.  This plan was to seamlessly integrate this strategy into the existing expansion plan, complete all analysis and make final recommendations prior to the design of any new facilities.

To accomplish this task, 8760 developed a unique energy modeling program to analyze over 10 Million square feet of building space spread across 40+ buildings and three separate institutions.  Moreover, our engineers analyzed the current generation and distribution systems on campus to determine their useful life and the potential for re-use in the future.  The engineering team worked in close coordination with the local utility companies to maximize the effectiveness of campus generation and distribution systems.

Included with the list of options analyzed were the following deliverables:

  • Detailed analysis of the campus existing conditions for all of the 40+ buildings
  • Site utility maps and one-line diagrams of the chilled water, electrical and steam distribution systems
  • Estimates of the current and future utility loads/requirements
  • Master plan options and life cycle cost analysis
  • Design standards for future building and renovation projects

The final recommendation for the campus included the installation of condensing hot water boilers to serve the 2 Million square feet of expansion, integrating the campus steam distribution system to service all steam requirements on the campus, the continuation of natural gas fired heating fuel, installing two new central chilled water plants on the North and South ends of the campus, and extending the current de-centralized chilled water loop to service outlying buildings.

In addition to the final recommendation, 8760 provided the campus stakeholders with control system requirements to integrate the campus, utility cost projections to estimate future energy cost, and life cycle cost analysis for each of the existing systems being operated on the campus.