BJC – St. Louis Children’s Hospital HVAC Study

St. Louis, Missouri

Health Care
  • Year Completed: 
  • Project Team: 
    • Eric Utterson, Principal
    • Ryan Corrigan, Project Manager
    • Drew Flanakin, Project Designer

The 6th floor operating room suites at BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital had a history of HVAC and pressure differential problems. 8760 was hired to balance the 6th floor operating suites, reduce system airflows and solve the hospital-wide HVAC issues.

To better understand the relationship between the mechanical systems serving the 6th floor  and their relationship to the rest of the HVAC system, we performed a careful review of building drawings and conducted several field inspections. Following are a few of the key findings:

  • Several zones were able to vary the air volume while maintaining pressure control because they were quipped with supply and exhaust boxes, while other zones could not maintain pressure due to a lack of tracking exhaust boxes.
  • An expansion project resulted in inconsistent design of the exhaust air system and it did not include exhaust boxes. This greatly affected the ability of the hospital to properly balance their HVAC system.

Upon 8760’s recommendation, St. Louis Children’s Hospital:

  • Installed turning vanes to help reduce turbulent airflow and pressure drop inside the exhaust air plenum
  • Located areas lacking exhaust control and installed the proper tracking devices
  • Replaced the airflow measuring stations throughout the HVAC system to reduce pressure drop
  • Rebalanced the operating room suites to align airflows with the current heating/cooling load of the space