BJC Christian Hospital RetroCx

St. Louis, Missouri

Health Care
  • Project Number: 
  • Utility Program: 
    Ameren Act on Energy
  • Project Team: 
    • Eric Utterson, Principal
    • Ryan Corrigan, Project Engineer

BJC HealthCare was targeted for a retro-commissioning program to identify energy saving opportunities that would require little capital expenditure (less than 1.5 years payback). 8760 Engineering began their work with a complete facility assessment and determined energy efficiency measures (EEM’s) immediately which would help BJC achieve their goals.

We collected metering data for gas and electricity for past two years, performed field investigation to review building systems and to collect pertinent data and prepared simple written descriptions of proposed Energy Efficiency Measures in a format suitable for Ameren’s review. Following implementation 8760 will provide verification of installation, training to facility staff and quarterly follow-up inspections for one year.